Far Infrared Red Sauna

With infrared sauna technology, you can also lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin. 6 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy. Detoxification.Relaxation. Pain Relief. Weight Loss. Improved Circulation. Skin Purification.  

Hopi Ear Cleansing Treatment 

Hopi Ear Candles can benefit conditions affecting the head and ears such as sinus congestion, earnoises and excessive earwax. The rising air through the column of the candle and gentle natural movement of the flame serve to gently massage the ear drum.


Rebounding is a type of aerobic exercise that is performed while jumping on a mini-trampoline. Jumps can be fast or slow, and can be mixed with rest or aerobic stepping. Rebounding can help work the muscles in the legs, increase your endurance, and strengthen your bones, among a number of other benefits. This type of exercise is gaining popularity because it’s gentle on the joints but allows you to work your cardiovascular system without taxing the body.

Colonic Irrigation 

Colonic Irrigation Benefits – Rebalance. Individuals suffering from constipation, bloating, can benefit greatly from symptoms relief provided by colon hydrotherapy. Likewise, individuals suffering from toxicity of the bowels and other internal organs can get symptom relief provided via cleansing of the colon. Bio-Energiser Foot Detox  Effectively rebalancing the cells equilibrium of positive and negative ions which, in turn, ‘kick starts’ the dispersal of the unwanted toxins.  The renewed re-balancing of the cells ensures rehydration resulting in optimum efficiency of their function to extract nutrients and dispose of unwanted waste.

Magnesium Foot Detox

Used to encourage the absorption of Magnesium in a much more gentle way than orally, ideal for people who do not tollerate oral intake of Magnesium supplements.  It also reduces the symptoms of Athletes foot, exfoliates the skin and reduces odour.

Full Body Massage 

Full body massage therapy can: Reduce muscular pain and spasms. Reduce chronic pain of injuries. Reduce the effect of surgery. Increases flexibility. Improves posture. Relieve Stress. Improve immune system function. Relieve tension headaches and migraine pain.

Breathwork Therapy   

In general, the goal of any breathwork therapy is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness, an increased capacity for self-healing, and overall improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being

Consultation with Merlee

A full consultation including advise on lifestyle diet and  information on beneficial treatments and supplements.

Blood Group Testing

Blood Group Testing can identify your susceptibility to certain illnesses and medical conditions which are directly related to the type of blood you were born with. Because blood type varies from person to person, all people do not have the same basic nutritional needs, even if they are related or have very similar lifestyles. Meaning a personalised recommendation on diet and supplements can be given.

Ceragem Full Body Therapy   

The device provides far infrared to give a certain amount of heat to the human body. The far infrared comes from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels attached on massager. The heat is almost similar with the body’s heat. Benefits of ceragem therapy can help relieve muscle pain; promote body posture; relieve muscle stiffness and eases aches associated with arthritis; help promote blood circulation; promote relaxation and relieve stress;  promote deep sleep; promote a better immune system.

Vitamin C Infusion 

Vitamin C Infusions are no included in this programme as Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic.  It has anti-fungal and antiviral properties that naturally detoxify the organisms. One of the crucial benefits of intravenous Vitamin C is the strengthening of the immune system which is the best prevention for autoimmune diseases and viruses.